Mid Ohio Guardianship Services, Inc. (MOGSI) is a nonprofit volunteer based guardianship program.  We provide guardianship, for the 21 and over who have been deemed incompetent by the Richland County Probate Court.  People like you and I that may suffer from mental illness, developmentally disabled and or dementia.  The clients we serve have no family, no appropriate family, or in some cases we become appointed, where due to family dynamics, it is more appropriate for an outside party to be Guardian.   

We become Guardian of Person only.  We see to the clients medical and placement decisions.  The large majority of our clients are indigent, however if they have assets we secure a pro bono attorney to be Guardian of Estate.  

Our non profit was formed as a result of a growing need in the community for knowledgeable and appropriate advocates for those vulnerable adults.   With our involvement, the quality of life expands so that the client has an opportunity to prosper.




Brenda Starr-Jude, NCG



As the Director, I carry a caseload and if and when the client is stable, and volunteer appropriate they are transferred to a Volunteer Guardian.  Prior to  becoming a Volunteer Guardian, a BCI check is completed, they are given a two hour training with the Director, and are required by the Ohio Supreme Court to attend a six hour training course on the Fundamentals of Guardianship.  At this point the Volunteer Guardian is legally appointed to advocate for the client and see to their medical and placement decisions.  


As the Director, I have been doing Guardianship work since October of 2006.  I am a member of the Ohio Guardianship Association and previously served as Vice President, and most recently in an advisory capacity.  I also am a member of the National Guardianship Association.  I have been a Nationally Certified Guardian since September of 2008.  I received the Annual Distinguished Service Award from the Ohio Guardianship Association in September of 2014.  In September of 2017, I received the National Award of Excellence from the Center of Guardianship Certification.